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Seo Bartering


Positioning on search engines with the advertising merchandise exchange formula.

Seo Bartering

We are the first to offer SEO Campaigns in Italy

to excel in google by accepting payment with your goods!

Seo Bartering

The importance of Google today

Appearing on the first page of Google for a specific search is equivalent to contributing to 91.7% of the potential traffic developed by the search. Translated into simple words, it means that if a given search is done 100 times a day by 100 different people, over 90 of these people will choose to continue browsing with one of the 10 results proposed on the front page. In a landscape where 85% of consumers access the web to find the products and services of their interest locally, it follows that the first page of Google is the only real promotional tool capable of bringing appreciable results.

How do you reach the first page of Google?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategies are what is necessary to ensure that a website can climb rankings on search engines. In Italy, only 14% of companies invest in SEO preferring other promotion systems, only to complain constantly about the poor results achieved.