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Agencies and advertising media standing by

a matter of choices, strategies and… costs to incur.

ADV Deal is an advertising agency specialised in communication and advertising, that offers a valuable portfolio and can cover the needs of each company with competence and effectiveness, both in terms of communication strategies through traditional media and through alternative or innovative channels.

The exchange of goods for advertising is nothing more than the tool adopted to regulate the economic aspect, a tool that gives our work that added value to other foreclosed agencies but, our job is to bring the message of our customers to the world..

Agencies and advertising media standing by

RCS Pubblicità

The RCS Group advertising agency, offering one of the largest and most varied portfolios of advertising media. An offer that includes reference publications in various segments of the information market and all-round cover with some of the best-known newspapers and periodicals distributed throughout the country. For several years, this offer has been extended with digital multi-device channels. The various formats available, from Corriere della Sera to ViviMilano, from to, make RCS Pubblicità an agency in step with the times, capable of reaching any target at any time, with always innovative and winning proposals.

A. Manzoni & C. Spa

This is an agency that deals with advertising exclusively for the L’Espresso Group and another qualified group of Editori Terzi. The offer ranges in the press, radio, TV and digital media sectors and allows you to take advantage of customised projects based on different needs. A. Manzoni & C. Spa operates on a multimedia level and can satisfy customer expectations through communication plans, advertising products and a complex information system based on databases, market research and case studies. The agency’s target is differentiated and reaches various markets thanks to a complex sales network specialised in numerous communication sectors.


The third agency in Italy by number of readers and newspapers, it is part of the Caltagirone Editore Group and has a large portfolio of advertising media. Piemme manages local newspapers and televisions as well as Social Press platforms and news sites that guarantee communication and user involvement on the web. The agency provides solutions in step with the times that allow companies operating in the press, internet and TV sectors to acquire greater visibility in the advertising market: a professional and transparent service supported by Piemme’s experience in the area. The communication opportunities reach different areas, from the financial sector to the entertainment world, from the commercial to the real estate sector.

Publikompass Spa 

This is an advertising agency offering an all-round service for publishers and the market. The offer is covered nationwide through newspapers and periodicals widely distributed throughout Italy, such as La Stampa; a large audience is also reached through sports, tourism, information and fashion websites. Publikompass Spa‘s offer is not limited to the publishing sector, both printed and digital, but includes other media such as radio and television as well as a new line dedicated to Formats and Events. The agency’s projects involve and connect different media, enabling specific targets to be reached.


A Mondadori Group agency and other third-party publishers, it has a portfolio of advertising media that ranges from publishing to radio, from television to the internet. The agency deals with the sale of advertising space for important publications spread throughout the country, such as Panorama, Donna Moderna and Focus; there are 31 publications managed by Mediamond, to which 6 radio stations and 41 websites are added. Through multiple means you can easily reach very different targets. The dealership offers innovative and customised solutions, which deal with the various needs of the advertising market.

SPE (Società Pubblicità Editoriale)

This is part of the Poligrafici Editoriale Group and has been operating for decades in various Italian regions, actively contributing to the development of the Monrif hotel group and products of third-party publishers. The planning activity essentially focuses on newspapers, periodicals and information websites: the national distribution of newspapers such as Resto del Carlino and La Nazione allows the SPE to reach a broad and differentiated target. Lastly, the agency promotes a series of initiatives, such as competitions and web projects, which make it possible to meet the needs of an increasingly heterogeneous public.


It operates in three different sectors, advertising, publishing and digital media, offering a varied portfolio that ranges from printed newspapers to applications for portable devices. Visibilia‘s versatility allows you to develop customised projects through different media: this advertising agency is aimed at medium to small companies that are looking for elaborate solutions from every point of view, from the identification of targets to the evaluation of results. Operating at a cross media-level between press, radio, television and the internet, Visibilia can carry out targeted advertising campaigns while containing costs.

Sport Network

This advertising agency is entirely dedicated to the sports sector. To establish itself on the market, it combines experience with innovation while making use of the success of the important national newspapers represented. This agency manages the collection of advertising spaces for newspapers and sports periodicals of great importance, such as Corriere dello Sport-Stadio and Tuttosport; Sport Network‘s offer is not limited to the print version of these publications but also includes online advertising sales. Sports fans are reached throughout the country both through publishing and digital media and, in particular, websites such as

IGP Decaux 

This is one of the main Italian advertising agencies that deals with external communication with a complete portfolio of media to choose from. The agency offers dynamic advertising and billposting services in spaces frequented by heterogeneous audiences, such as subways and airports as well as on public transport such as buses and trams. Advertisements are disseminated through street furniture with posters, shelters and other elements: these decorations can enhance the product and reach a wide audience in a simple and immediate way. Companies and individuals can find in IGP Decaux a complete commercial offer aimed at innovation.

Externa Media

This advertising agency operates in the field of external communication, carrying out outdoor promotional campaigns in Milan and other Italian cities. The agency offers a complete package capable of guaranteeing advertisers great visibility that does not affect the landscape intrusively or inappropriately. Sustainability and sobriety are the peculiar traits through which Externa Media aims to distinguish itself from other dealerships that carry out external communications. Furthermore, starting from the 2000s, the offer has been expanded through the Boutique model, creating value also for the Public Administration and Real Estate.

Clear Channel Italia

This agency is specialised in external communication, it carries out advertising campaigns throughout Italy, operating in six different locations: Bari, Milan, Naples, Padua, Palermo and Rome. The agency offers customised and complete projects from every point of view; the means made available by Clear Channel Italia range from classic street furniture elements, such as posters and panels, to Bike Sharing and network services included within the motorway networks and airports. By focusing on technological innovation and design, the agency has managed to reach ever wider audiences, managing the communication of major events, such as the Venice Film Festival and the Rome Film Festival.

Rai Pubblicità

The RAI television group agency, initially born as a radio agency, can combine the visibility of TV networks with the requests of advertisers. The offer is not exclusively linked to television network advertising spaces but involves a vast cinema circuit and digital media capable of further expanding the audience reached by the communication campaigns. Furthermore, investors are guaranteed a homogeneous and effective distribution of programming on the various platforms available to the agency. By paying particular attention to the contents offered and to the consistency between the editorial product and the advertising message, Rai Pubblicità can optimise the offer, always experimenting with new solutions.

Publitalia ’80

This is the Mediaset network’s advertising agency, established in the communication market at a European level. The versatility and customer focus allows this agency to carry out projects and advertising campaigns for hundreds of advertisers with very different needs. Companies can take advantage of a portfolio of media ranging from television networks to websites and receive constant support regarding the positioning of advertising and related marketing strategies. Through generalist networks, thematic channels, paid channels and websites, the products are positioned according to the target audience to reap the maximum reward.

Sky Pubblicità 

This is the Sky Group advertising agency and reaches a heterogeneous audience using different means. The offer extends from television to the internet, through the website of the Cielo television channel, and includes a series of comic magazines and weeklies aimed at a young male and female audience; the little ones are also reached through Sky thematic channels dedicated to children and teenagers. Thanks to Sky Advertising, advertisers can position their product in a targeted manner, through a wide range of specialised channels ranging from the world of sports to cinema, from information to cultural insights.

Class Pubblicità

This advertising agency of the Class Editori group provides a complete portfolio that includes publishing, television, radio, internet and new media; the offer is also extended to the world of events. Advertising campaigns and communication projects are developed at a cross-media level to reach a large audience through the various means managed by the dealership: newspapers, websites, digital platforms. Advertisers, companies and agencies from very diverse sectors, such as finance, tourism, fashion and public administration, can take advantage of specialised and widespread services throughout the national territory.

PRS Mediagroup

This is an advertising agency operating on a wide-ranging basis, managing the campaigns of television and radio channels, cinema circuits, national newspapers and websites. The agency deals with the advertising campaigns for a wide range of periodicals and magazines as well as satellite channels and networks available on digital terrestrial; the targets vary from one medium to another and allow advertisers to reach their target audience. In recent years, PRS Mediagroup has acquired The Space cinema circuit and has established itself in the information sector, expanding its offer through the production of multimedia content.

Hearst Magazines Italia

This is the spokesperson for style, quality and Italian excellence in the world: Elle, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan and much more

Discovery Italia 

“This is a leader in entertainment with a cross-platform portfolio of 14 channels and the OTT Dplay service. The 7 free channels (NINE, Real Time, DMax, Giallo, Focus, K2 and Frisbee) and the 6 pay-per-view channels (Discovery Channel, Discovery Science, Discovery Travel & Living, Animal Planet exclusively on Sky and ID – Investigation Discovery, Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 on Sky and Mediaset Premium)”

Edizioni Condé Nast

The leader in the sector of high-end publishing products. The company includes 13 brands: Vanity Fair, Vogue Italia, L’Uomo Vogue, Glamor, GQ, Wired, AD.Architectural Digest, Condé Nast Traveler, Vogue Bambini, Vogue Accessory, Vogue Sposa, La Cucina Italiana and CN Live! besides being present on the web through the launch of 8 sites: Vanity 8 million users \

The planning of the advertising campaign: objectives and targets

Each company has very specific needs and when it decides to “advertise” it has very specific objectives in mind, often concomitant, which require careful planning aimed at maximising their effect and containing costs. For brevity’s sake, we bring the objectives back to two very specific main categories that will give rise to multiple cases:

  • a brand campaign aimed at boosting brand awareness in users so that it is closely related to a specific product, a specific service, a particular “best practice” or more;
  • a product campaign to enhance its characteristics, increase sales, build customer loyalty, collect feedback;

The definition of the objectives allows us to determine the target we want to reach and depending on the target we have clear ideas about the advertising media to deploy for the advertising campaign.

Media Strategy: we choose the channels to communicate

When we know what to communicate and who to communicate it to, all that remains is to decide which advertising media to use for communication.

If we were once we limited to billboards and radio spots, today things have changed a lot and you can communicate through various different means:

  • Traditional billboards in the street
  • Billboards in subway stations
  • Advertising banners
  • Outdoor visibility with the help of maxi billboards
  • Street furniture
  • Radio adverts
  • TV commercials
  • Radio and Tele Promotions
  • Totems
  • Digital Totems
  • Organisation and sponsorship of outdoor events
  • Web Advertising
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Web Content Marketing


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