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Benefit dipendenti e welfare aziendale

ADVDEAL midway between Employee Benefits and Company Welfare

For some time, we have been talking increasingly about the social responsibility of companies, that is to say, the area that concerns the implications of an ethical nature within the strategic vision of the company, and shows the will of the management to effectively administrate the internal and external ethical and social problems. Every serious Entrepreneur, of those with a capital E, whether small or large, has always aspired to something more than the achievement of a satisfactory profit: it is in the human chromosome to aspire to leave their mark.

Unfortunately, speaking of corporate social responsibility in times of crisis is a delicate topic … the proverbial, I’d love to but I can’t, so to speak. But is it really so difficult and expensive to make choices that, at least internally, towards employees, can meet their needs? Maybe those primary needs are strongly jeopardised precisely because of the same crisis that, who more or less sees us all in the same boat?

Benefit, Fringe Benefit and Corporate Welfare

Undoubtedly, the most well-known formulas of benefits or fringe benefits involve a cost for the company and also a tax increase for the employee: car, mobile phone and so on must be purchased, maintained and obviously the income equivalent to the fringe benefit enjoyed must be taxed in the paycheck.

The same goes for corporate welfare: whether it is a matter of affiliated health care, company canteen, meal vouchers or one of the countless other formulas developed by specialised agencies, corporate welfare entails a cost for the company.

Nonetheless, it has been demonstrated that employee satisfaction and economic serenity are important factors in that delicate algorithm that determines the employee’s performance, reliability and loyalty, that can make the difference in company strategies, especially in periods of crisis.


ADVDEAL, a little benefit and a little welfare: at no cost!!!

Advdeal operating in the advertising goods exchange sector is able to offer, to use a term so in vogue, a “transversal” solution, a solution that represents at the same time a real benefit for the employee, it is not a taxable fringe benefit and at the same time, it fits perfectly with the philosophy of corporate welfare and corporate civil liability.

The ability to access and purchase in ADVSTORE is not just any benefit: it is a reward, a bonus, it is the recognition that the employee deserves to receive: the opportunity to shop, buy a jewel, wear the accessory always desired by being able to count on highly competitive prices that are well combined with the inevitable need to make ends meet and that only the exchange of goods for advertising can offer.

Through the agreement, ADVDEAL offers FREE the possibility for companies to adopt socially responsible behaviour by granting their employees a permanent benefit of great value and value which, also acting on their primary needs (for example daily shopping), becomes a real corporate welfare solution.

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